People I Know

This is a very personal portraits collection of some interesting people I had the chance to meet. The fact that almost all of them are quite known in my country, I believe is just a coincidence. This is an ongoing project and it was presented to the public in several exhibitions, in Bucharest, Paris and Toulouse.

Ilie Nastase, tennis player, Bucharest, February 2013
Marcel Iures, actor, Bucharest 2015
Victor Rebengiuc, actor, Bucharest 2010
Horatiu Malaele, actor, Bucharest, November 2008
Dragos Bucur, actor, Bucharest, February 2010.
Lucian Mandruta, presenter & journalist, Bucharest 2009 
Radu Afrim, theatre director, Bucharest, February 2012
Ana Ularu, actress , Bucharest, September 2014
Cosmina Stratan, actress, Bucharest 2013
Cristian Tudor Popescu, Journalist, Bucharest 2015
Crina Semciuc, actress, Bucharest 2012
Oana Pellea, actress, Bucharest 2009

Vlad Ivanov, actor, Bucharest, January 2008
 Johnny Raducanu, jazz musician, Bucharest 2009
Gheorghe Dinica, actor, Bucharest, December 2005
Florin Piersic, actor, Bucharest, August 2010
Serban Pavlu, actor, Bucharest 2015 
Cristian Mungiu, movie director, Bucharest 2016
Andrei Proca, singer, Bucharest 2016
Ana Ularu, actress, Bucharest, March 2011
Adela Popescu, Actress, Bucharest 2016
Diana Dondoe, model, Bucharest 2012
Princess Lia, November 2013
Mihaela Glavan, fashion designer, Bucharest, October 2015
Adela Popescu, actress, Bucharest 2015
Cristi Chivu, football player, Rome, Italy, March 2007
Serban Ionescu, actor, Bucharest, January 2009
Roman Iagupov, Singer, Bucharest March 2016
Dragos Bucur, actor, Bucharest, August 2010
Gyuri Pascu, actor, Bucharest 2004

Paul Ipate, actor, Bucharest 2010
Traian Basescu, President of Romania, Bucharest, October 2009 
 Andreea Raicu, TV presenter, October 2008 
Medeea Marinescu, actress, Bucharest, December 2006
Horatiu Malaiele, actor, Bucharest, December 2008
Catalin Stefanescu, journalist, Sibiu 2015
Bogdan Dumitrache, actor, Bucharest January 2013
 Ciprian Marica, football player, Stuttgart, April 2010
Marius Moga, composer, Bucharest, March 2010
Catrinel Sandu, TV presenter, Bucharest, September 2007
Mihai Dobrovolschi, radio presenter, Bucharest 2004
 Radu Afrim, theatre director, Bucharest February 2012
Alice Peneaca, model, Bucharest 2016
Maria Popistasu, actress, Bucharest 2010
Chris Simion, theater director, Bucharest 2004
 Nadia Comaneci, gymnast, September 2005
 Romanita Iovan, fashion designer,  New York, September 2008
Radu Muntean, movie director, Bucharest, November 2006.
 Florin and Razvan Zamfirescu, actors, Bucharest, April 2008
 Mircea Radu, TV Presenter, Bucharest, 2005
Andreea Godeanu, TV producer, Bucharest, 2004 
Emerich Jenei, Football Coach, Bucharest 2016
 Ionut Iftimoaie, kick-boxer, Bucharest 2012
Tom Wilson, music DJ and journalist Tom Wilson, Bucharest, May 2005
Andi Vasluianu, actor, Bucharest 2016
Vlad Ivanov, Bucharest, December 2011
Tudor Chirila, actor and singer, Bucharest, May 2008
Maria Dinulescu, actress, Bucharest June 2008
Mihai Dobrovolski, radio presenter,  Bucharest, May 2008
 Irina Marinescu, fashion designer
Andrei Rosu - ultra-marathon runner - Bucharest 2015
Dani Otil, TV presenter, Bucharest 2016
Gheorghe Hagi, football player, Mamaia, November 2006
Smiley, singer, Bucharest, November 2007
Mihaela Calinoiu, journalist, Bucharest 2004
Maia Morgenstern, actress, and  Razvan Mazilu, dancer, Bucharest, November 2006.
 Andreea Paduraru, movie director, Bucharest 2003
Ada Condeescu, actress, Bucharest March 2016
Andreea Raicu, TV presenter, Bucharest 2003
Venera Arapu, fashion designer, Bucharest 2005
Raluca Aprodu, Actress, Bucharest 2015
Silvana Bratu, make-up artist, Bucharest 2003
Alex Gavan - mountain climber - Bucharest 2015
Adrian Mutu, football player, November 2003
Venera Arapu, fashion designer, Bucharest, September 2005
Stefan Banica,  actor, singer and TV presenter, Bucharest, May 2007
Victor Slav, TV presenter, Bucharest 2012
Cristi Tabara, TV presenter, Bucharest 2005
Teo Trandafir, TV presenter, Bucharest 2004
Gina Nedu, Art Director, Bucharest 2004
Andreea Marin, TV presenter, Bucharest 2003
Catalina Grama (Jojo), actress & singer, Buchaerst 2016
Romanita Iovan, fashion designer, Bucharest 2003
Doina Levinta, fashion designer, Bucharest 2003
Claudiu Bleont, actor, Bucharest 2004
Marius Manole, actor, Bucharest, November 2006 
Nicoleta Luciu, singer, TV presenter and actress, Bucharest, December 2007 
Dana Rogoz, TV presenter, Bucharest 2003 
Mirela Vescan, make-up artist, Bucharest 2004
Cristina Cioran, actress and TV presenter, Bucharest 2005
BUG Mafia, rap music band, Bucharest, November 2005
Dorotheea Petre, actress, Bucharest, October 2009
Beatrice Rancea, actress and theater director, Bacu, 2004
Alex Velea & Antonia - singers - Bucharest 2015
Robert Turcescu, journalist and TV presenter, Bucharest 2004
Irina Dinescu, actress, Eforie 2003
Catalin Zmarandescu, kick-boxer, Bucharest March 2012
Daniel Buzdugan, radio presenter, Bucharest 2004

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